The unique little patented BobCar consistently boosts business to unprecendented numbers for our clients.  BobCars are eye-catching and generate excitement, which draws attention and drives natural –not forced– interaction with  our trained brand ambassadors.

Read through our abundant testimonials and commentaries for an inside perspective on what consumers, retail owners + our corporate clients think about the BobCar and the BobCar Media street team.

SanDisk Corporate Testimonial

“To Benjamin & Nathan,
Our goal with the SanDisk Imaging Showcase during the 4th quarter was to identify, and then grow consumer discovery, interest and purchase of SanDisk Imaging Cards in a multitude of consumer congregation environments.  The results exceeded our expectations tenfold.
Some retailers reported 15-20% sales increases on days we had exposure. The program visibly helped thwart our competitors’ marketing activities during the holiday season, influenced brand conversion on the spot and reached highly targeted shoppers all thru a highly interactive and versatile mobile platform.
BobCar helped SanDisk own the last three feet of the retail floor, providing a team of brand ambassadors that were engaging and professional.
A great consideration to any marketer looking to augment their national, regional or local campaign requiring retailer tie-ins!
Dario Avalos
Sr. Manager North America
SanDisk Imaging, Gaming, Food & Drug

Olympus Corporate Testimonial

Dear Ben,

Just a short note to thank you and your dedicated team at BobCar for bringing to us this idea and for the fantastic and successful execution of the Olympus Mobile Showroom programs you recently completed for us in Boston, MA and New York. As you know, our Executive Team at Olympus was so satisfied with the Holiday ’08 Program that we chose to extend the program through June 2009.

The Olympus BobCars provided a solid foundation for our brand to visibly and loudly stand out from our competitors. Strategic positioning of the showrooms allowed prospective consumers to make an Olympus purchase decision immediately after the interaction at the Showroom. As just one example of many, Olympus outsold our competitors by a wide measure at this year’s Hunt’s Photo Show in Boston primarily due to the showrooms positioned adjacent to the event.

Genuine conversations between the Showroom’s Brand Ambassadors and prospective consumers gave us a rare opportunity to place our new line of cameras in thousands of consumer’s hands to demonstrate our points of difference and directly influence their purchasing decisions in advance of their actual shopping experiences.

These genuine connections helped increase Olympus sales significantly at dozens of our key retailers in Boston and NY City. Our retailers consistently reported dramatic spikes in Olympus sales during and after each showroom visit as well as dramatic increases in general traffic entering their establishments. Your trained Brand Ambassadors were very knowledgeable and represented the Olympus brand in a most professional manner. Potential customers loved that they could ask questions, touch, and experiment with the Olympus product line outside of a bland retail environment.

By investing our marketing dollars on a BobCar Program, we were not only able to support our retailers adjacent to their retail establishments, but also bring quality Olympus brand visibility to thousands of potential consumers at high profile events such as industry photo shows, parades, sporting events, and other high trafficked venues.

Thank you once again for the professionalism in making our program such a success for the Olympus brand! We look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the very near future.”


James DiCarlo
Executive Director, Sales

CLEARwire Corporate Testimonial

“We saw a dramatic 78% increase in sales at Best Buy locations when BobCar was present and a 62% increase at our Clear retail stores.”
-Kevin Martini
Vice President of Field & Event Marketing

Samsung Corporate Testimonial

Stewart Henderson
Vice President of Marketing Digital Imaging Division
Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc.

Market research has shown that with all of the advanced features that manufacturers are packing into point and shoot cameras these days, consumers can be intimidated when looking to purchase a new camera. Not surprisingly, this intimidation can manifest itself at specialty retailers, where potential buyers may be inundated with too much information if they are not well-versed in digital photography. Conversely, when shopping at a big-box retailer, consumers may not be able to speak to anyone to get enough information about their options.
To address this issue, Samsung found an innovative solution to educate the camera buying public in an unobtrusive manner and in relaxing environments. Last month, a fleet of six BobCar Mobile Showrooms hit the streets of New York City and Boston, starting at the summer hotspot Hampton Beach, NY. The Samsung Mobile Showrooms, easily maneuvered onto sidewalks and other high-traffic areas, also hit events like the Live Earth Concert at Giants Stadium, The Today Show’s Morning Concert, and baseball games at Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. While attending these events and participating in leisure activities, consumers had the opportunity to see, touch, and experience the latest cameras offered from Samsung. The mission for the attending staff was more to provide information versus closing on camera sales. This of course, enabled passer-bys to linger and learn without feeling the pressures of someone attempting to close a sale (as consumers made the choice to purchase, there was a wireless internet connection that allowed them to do so via local partnered retailers).
The Mobile Showrooms are more approachable and user-friendly than larger promotions staged from 18-wheelers, where products are often viewed from afar or behind glass.
“The opportunity for the placement of the Mobile Showrooms in the future is virtually endless,” said Stewart Henderson, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Imaging Division for Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc. “The BobCars can be included at local store grand openings, town fairs, and pretty much any size event one can think of. In fact, the BobCars were even included in the Cape Cod 4th of July parade.”
“People were initially drawn to the cameras by their design, mega pixels, and zoom features,” said a Samsung Brand Ambassador. “But once they looked at all the options, they wanted to know more about face-detection, image stabilization, scene-modes and other features, which Samsung is at the forefront of.”
Visitors were able to get a hands-on demonstration of features available in the L series and NV series of point and shoot cameras at these Mobile Showrooms. The NV series boasts an innovative Smart-Touch interface, eliminating the bevy of buttons that can confuse and intimidate users, along with large LCD screens, and other advanced features. The L series features a wide array of in-camera photo- and movie-editing features and a number of fun features, like creating a composite, adding photo frames, highlights, and more, all without the use of Photoshop.
With consumer promotions such as the Samsung Mobile Showrooms, it won’t be long before people associate Samsung digital cameras with the expertise that is already associated with Samsung’s consumer electronics line.

Pentax Corporate Testimonial

January 2, 2008

Dear Ben,

I wanted to thank you and your very professional staff for their efforts in putting together the Pentax “BobCar Promotion” in Manhattan this past Fall/Winter.

As you were aware, when we met at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year, I was looking to develop a promotional event to promote Pentax products in the critical New York market and tie in our key dealer advertising while targeting our flagship SLR product line directly to the consumer without breaking the budget. I am pleased to tell you that the mobile showroom was a huge hit, not only with the consumers and dealers alike, but with our sales people as well.

One of the best features of the Mobile Showroom is that it gave us the ability to place the display strategically around Manhattan at various events and also directly outside the locations of our key retailers where consumers could see live demonstrations, and more importantly, handle the products. In addition to this, the consumer could ask questions and discuss their picture taking needs with your expertly trained staff. It was like having a “touchy feely” billboard that was mobile.

The result of all this was that in tracking the sales with consumers who visited the BobCar, using special coupon incentives, redeemable at any of our authorized retailers, we were able to compare the individual dealer advertised sales last year vs. the sales with the BobCar tie-in this season. The results were impressive. Same store sales vs. last year increased 300% to 400% in all product categories where the BobCar was present at a dealer event. As a result of this, Pentax will be rolling this out again this year on an expanded key market basis.

Again, I would like to thank you and your staff for your expertise in putting this together and assisting in making this promotion the most successful Pentax event in recent memory.

Best Regards
Paul Caliendo
Northeast Regional Sales Manager

XOHM Corporate Testimonial

Dear Benny,

Many thanks to you and your team for putting together a successful and professional program for us. As you know, XOHM WiMAX is a new service that launched in Baltimore in October, 2008. WiMAX technology is complicated to understand and the benefits are sometimes difficult to realize without a full immersion experiential component.

By utilizing three XOHM-branded Bob cars across the Baltimore WiMAX footprint, we were able to successfully communicate the technology, educate consumers within the coverage area (our direct targets) and show real-time demonstrated benefits of the products and service. Thanks to a coordinated effort and great team work, we were able to measure success, adapt as needed and get great brand awareness over the course of our 14-week program. Our “XOHM Cars” even marched in two major parades in Baltimore – needless to say, they were a hit!

I knew we had made the right choice to go with Bob Car just a few weeks into the program when I wore a XOHM shirt into a local Baltimore hotel. The receptionist shouted, ‘You work with those cute green cars I see everywhere – I want one!” This was exactly the kind of un-escapable awareness we were hoping to create.

Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence, your positive attitude and for your dedicated, friendly and professional team. We look forward to your continued success and our opportunity to work together again as we launch new markets.

Best regards,
Kevin Martini
Director, Field and Event Marketing

Consumer Testimonials

Most Memorable Philadelphia Consumer Comments:

• “This is awesome, perfect for my schoolwork!”

• “Does this work in the suburbs? I would love to use this on my commute home!”

• “We heard everything from “Great for Parties…to Great for Business Meetings!””

BobCar Brand Ambassador reflection: “People were very impressed with the speed and how good the quality of the videos are from the laptop to the TV monitor.”



Most Memorable Consumer Comments:

• “You really don’t know the difference and impact of a memory card until you compare them side-by-side like we can on the BobCar.”

• “I saw you guys last week… I ended up buying a new SanDisk memory card!”

• “Thank you [BobCar] for helping me understand that there really is a difference in memory cards – I’m a SanDisk convert now.”

• “I’m visiting J&R to buy a camera; you gave me some really great information about the type of SanDisk card I need to purchase.”

• “Thank you for the information you provided about SanDisk cards. As I enter the field of paid photography, I know that I need to buy SanDisk to ensure my valuable data stays intact.” [James in Union Square]

Retail Testimonials — Olympus program


“The Olympus Showroom is a beautiful setup and really portrays the brand in a professional manner. It is a fantastic idea to have a Showroom display outside the stores – after all, this is New York City! Consumers can be educated on the street, prior to entering the store. This moves product; I personally sell many Olympus products and today, with you guys here, business definitely increased for Olympus!”

Saul, B & H – Photo Sales



“It was very helpful to our staff to have the Olympus Showroom outside our store with your product experts. Not only do they assist in bringing in more sales to us, but they attract plenty of attention and drive in consumer prospects! The Showrooms make a great first impression with the customers, and increases their exposure to the Olympus brand. This helps drives sales of Olympus products. I hope you guys continue this marketing program as it is beneficial to all parties, the retailer, the consumers, and Olympus!”

Martino, Adorama – General Manager



“This showroom is a great initiative by Olympus! You guys drive in traffic from the streets and once inside the store, we are able to close the deal with them! We all appreciate you guys being out here and helping us bring in traffic and sell Olympus cameras! We would love to have you guys back here any day!

Kevin, PC Richard & Son – Manager



“Having the Olympus Showroom in front of the store helped drive in traffic and sell a lot of Olympus products! This is a great idea and a very effective marketing program! Consumer awareness and education of the Olympus brand increases with the presence of your team, and that translates into customers who have the power to make a purchase. This program should definitely be extended as it’s a very good one!

Joel, CameraLand - Owner



“Having you guys in front of our store was great for business! The Olympus Showrooms’ staff raised awareness of the Olympus products, and customers were asking for Olympus products after seeing you guys outside! As you can see now, two (2) gentlemen are purchasing Olympus cameras! We welcome you guys any day! This is a great idea!”

Bill, J & R Store – Manager



“The Olympus display is amazing! Being that we are located on 5th Avenue in NYC two blocks south of the Empire State building there is a built in huge flow of pedestrian traffic. The ingenious Bob Car mobile Olympus showroom is a tremendous attention grabber that diverts traffic into sales and shoppers into buyers! The Olympus Mobile Showroom Staff are extremely professional and well educated on the Olympus line of products; our customers are impressed with the entire package. Each time the Showroom is parked in front of our store, there is a significant sales spike for Olympus products. I look forward to having the Bob Car visit us again, especially in the current economic environment, it really is a tremendous value add to a photo specialty dealer like Willoughby’s!

Joseph I. Douek, Willoughby’s – Owner

Retail Testimonials — Pentax program


“This is a great set up, really draws your attention! Give us more!”


J & R

“Whatever you guys are doing out here, keep it up, because it’s working! People are coming inside the store and asking for [the cameras we displayed on the BobCar].  Can we get this car inside the store? This showroom is great and would work well inside our store!

 BobCar Media’s answer to their question: Absolutely!  Because of The BobCar’s compact design and fully electric motor, The BobCar can easily be moved between indoor and outdoor locations.


“This is really an effective marketing strategy. People check out the products before they come into the store; as soon as they come in they ask more questions and before you know it they are leaving with the product. While the showrooms were here we completely ran out of stock of the [items showcased on the BobCar], I had to go to [a competitor retail store] to pick up an additional 8 since people were coming in and asking for them and we didn’t have any more”.


B & H

“You guys are very knowledgeable about the Pentax products; people came into our store excited about the Pentax line and often bought them.”


Camera Land

“You guys are great; we have been selling Pentax cameras all day while you were here. We sold a total of 28 Pentax cameras today alone. Please come back anytime!”


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