Case Studies

We hope that the following case studies will provide you more insight on this new marketing medium-The BobCar-and how it can be a valuable tool in just about any marketing strategy.

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Launch XOHM’s new WiMAX Mobile Broadband in Baltimore, Maryland, promoting the XOHM WiMAX internet device & service and driving sales traffic in XOHM’s Sales Portal and on the company’s BobCar sales website.  Increase membership in “XOHM insiders” and encourage product appreciation among both trade + consumer arenas.



We custom fabricated a quantity of 3 BobCar Mobile Showrooms and scheduled a 14-week activation launch.  We would create buzz and generate excitement for XOHM’s new WiMAX secure wireless internet service by educating consumers from the customized XOHM mobile showrooms.  BobCar’s specially trained XOHM brand ambassadors would reach out to consumers by hosting street demonstrations, conducting one-on-one interactions and facilitating hands-on customer test drives.



Obtained commitment from 6 full-service retail partnerships.

1.8 million validated impressions on consumer + trade prospects

combined, based on daily and weekly calculated averages.

825,000 approximate validated consumer showroom interactions,

based on daily and weekly calculated averages.

Visited 396 non-retailer events & locations, including:

  • Star Spangled Salute to Michael Phelps
  • Ravens Tailgating
  • Federal Hill Wine Festival
  • Baltimore’s Farmer’s Market
  • Lighting of the Monument (WashingtonMonument)
  • Fells Point Art Loop
  • Howard County JingleBell Run
  • 2nd Annual Figgy Pudding Race


Dear Benny,

Many thanks to you and your team for putting together a successful and professional program for us. As you know, XOHM WiMAX is a new service that launched in Baltimore in October, 2008. WiMAX technology is complicated to understand and the benefits are sometimes difficult to realize without a full immersion experiential component.

By utilizing three XOHM-branded Bob cars across the Baltimore WiMAX footprint, we were able to successfully communicate the technology, educate consumers within the coverage area (our direct targets) and show real-time demonstrated benefits of the products and service. Thanks to a coordinated effort and great team work, we were able to measure success, adapt as needed and get great brand awareness over the course of our 14-week program. Our “XOHM Cars” even marched in two major parades in Baltimore – needless to say, they were a hit!

I knew we had made the right choice to go with Bob Car just a few weeks into the program when I wore a XOHM shirt into a local Baltimore hotel. The receptionist shouted, ‘You work with those cute green cars I see everywhere – I want one!” This was exactly the kind of un-escapable awareness we were hoping to create.

Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence, your positive attitude and for your dedicated, friendly and professional team. We look forward to your continued success and our opportunity to work together again as we launch new markets.

Best regards,

Kevin Martini

Director, Field and Event Marketing


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